The Sponsors

The AUSRT would be unable to operate without the continued support of our sponsors and partners. As such, we would like to acknowledge their respective contributions, in the forms of financial and in-kind assistance.

Platinum Sponsors

The University of Adelaide

Established in 1874, The University of Adelaide is a world class tertiary education and research institution committed to delivering high quality and distinct learning, teaching and research experiences. The University of Adelaide is consistently ranked among the top 1% of universities worldwide. It is associated with five Nobel Laureates, 104 Rhodes Scholars and is also a member of the Group of Eight. The university focuses on discovering new knowledge, pursuing innovation and preparing leaders of tomorrow who are independent, creative thinkers with an international perspective. It has an international reputation for world-class research across a wide spectrum of areas leading to high impact, tangible outcomes. The University of Adelaide also works with the community in other ways through strategic partnership and alignments with business and enterprise, government bodies, other research institutes, NGOs and industry groups.

Etamax Engineering

Etamax is an Australian based engineering company founded in March 2003 in Adelaide, South Australia. Etamax’s mission is to provide high quality, competitively priced engineering services to a broad range of customers. Etamax’s broad spectrum of experience places it in a unique position to provide innovative, ‘outside-the-box’ ideas, giving its customers a competitive advantage. Furthermore, Etamax uses a range of design and analytical techniques, combined with high-end software to quickly and efficiently create solutions to engineering challenges.

Gold Sponsors


The Bridgestone brand has a global reputation as the tyre industry market leader, renowned for producing quality products and being at the forefront of technology, innovation and continuous improvement. A subsidiary of Bridgestone Corporation, the largest tyre manufacturer in the world, Bridgestone Australia’s Australasian head office is based in Adelaide, South Australia. Bridgestone Australia is a major supplier to the Australasian automotive industry, providing an extensive range of quality tyres. Bridgestone is the major sponsor of the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge, as well as the AUSRT.


StreamlineCFD was founded by Richard Jones in September 2015 with the mission to provide high quality, high performance, trusted OpenFOAM consulting and support. It is an official contributor to the OpenFOAM Foundation. StreamlineCFD consulting is a fast, efficient means of obtaining flow data and CFD analysis with an entirely cloud based work. StreamlineCFD are experts in OpenFOAM simulation in diverse industries including automotive, aerospace, marine and chemical processing.

Tindo Solar

Tindo Solar designs and manufactures technologically advanced solar panels in Australia, for Australia and the world. Founded in 2011, They are a wholly Australian owned and operated company, and the main solar panel manufacturer in all of Australia. Tindo focuses on increasing manufacturing output and creating Australian jobs in the advanced manufacturing sector, while also striving for innovation to promote a sustainable future. Tindo have set out to make a panel that respects the sun and to make a panel that delivers on its product and performance warranty. Tindo panels are ‘Made for Life’.

Silver Sponsors


Sunpower has been a leading global solar innovator since 1985. Sunpower has a diversified global portfolio leading in residential, commercial and utility solar energy markets. Sunpower is known for manufacturing the world’s highest efficiency solar panels featuring the Sunpower Maxeon cell technology. Sunpower’s motto is to strive towards a brighter and sustainable future for all. Furthermore, Sunpower Foundation was created to empower, inspire and motivate a new generation of solar energy leaders in communities around the globe.

LEAP Australia

Leading Engineering Application Providers (LEAP), is reputed for successfully delivering computer aided engineering software and services for customers in Australia and New Zealand – from worldwide companies. LEAP represents world leading engineering technology including companies ANSYS, PTC, nCode, LSTC and several others. LEAP has expertise in CAD, CAM, simulation, and product development. LEAP prides itself with its team, tools, and experience to solve problems that no other company can.


urbanest is one of Australia’s largest providers of student accommodation. urbanest have a great deal of experience designing, building and running accommodation specifically designed for students. urbanest finds great locations for students' lifestyles, taking into account close proximity to transport links, universities and social centres. urbanest designs and builds living spaces especially for students and manages the buildings in a way that promotes and supports the students' lifestyle. It’s their mission to deliver; great locations, all inclusive rents, new benchmarks in comfort and a fantastic place to meet new friends and live your life the way you want.


Babcock is a leading engineering services and operational support organisation, with a rich history of service excellence. Babcock is a FTSE 100 company, with over 35,000 talented and committed people across six continents, and worldwide revenues of over AU$9.5billion.

Essentially, Babcock does three things for their customers - manage critical assets, deliver complex programmes and teach vital skills across many sectors including; emergency services, defence, mining & construction, transport & infrastructure and energy markets. Often working in highly regulated environments, we have the expertise and resources to take on even the most complex of problems, transforming the way services are delivered to improve operational efficiency and effectiveness. In Australia and New Zealand, Babcock operates nationally, employing over 725 staff. Operating across defence, mining & construction, aviation, ports, cyber security, transport & infrastructure and energy sectors, Babcock supports their customers technical, programme and complex platform requirements through their proven processes, systems, and people. A global solution being delivered locally. Babcock's market-leading reputation is based on one key fact: Babcock is a partner that can be trusted to deliver.

Temple Bruer

Temple Bruer Wines are one of the only Australian wineries to be both 100 percent organic and carbon neutral. Their wines have been preservative-free for 10 years and their focus is on hitting the perfect balance between a top quality taste and taking of Mother Earth. The carbon foot print at each step is measured through keeping track of a wine's lifecycle from the cradle to gate. Temple Bruer's aim is to be carbon neutral in its own right by 2020 through increasing generation of renewable electricity through a combination of solar, as well as investing in a pyrolysis kiln, used to turn green waste into biochar. Use the code "AUSRT" to receive a discount on your purchases through their online store!

Bronze Sponsors

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