Lumen III

We are currently developing a new solar car, Lumen III, to be ready for the 2021 Bridgestone World Solar Challenge. Lumen III will be a complete ground-up rebuild, investigations had been done on adopiting a bullet-shaped hull compared to the catamaran configuration in previous generations of Lumen.

With a more aerodynamic hull as the main design goal, Lumen III will have a reduced drag thus a higher efficiency and cruising speed. Custom suspension set ups will be developed. This allows Lumen III to have a narrow track width while maintaining stability.

With the new design, we expect Lumen III to run significantly faster than Lumen II Mk II and will be able to compete with the top teams from around the world.

Technical Specifications

Dimensions TBC
Weight TBC
Body Advanced composites
Solar Array TBC
Battery TBC
Motor High efficiency in-wheel electric motor
Tires Bridgestone ECOPIA OLogic, specially developed for use in solar vehicles
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