Our 2015 vehicle, named Lumen (meaning light in Latin), competed in the 2015 Bridgestone World Challenge, placing 21st of 29 competitors in the Challenger class. In the Challenger class, efficiency is key as the car is unable to recharge from the grid during the race. Lumen is a highly efficient engineering design, utilising cutting edge solar panel, battery, and motor technologies, coupled with advanced materials and manufacturing techniques.

Technical Specifications

Dimensions 4.5m length, 1.75m width, 1.0m height
Weight 300kg
Body Carbon- and glass-fibre monocoque with removable roof
Solar Array 6m2 of silicon-based cells developed by Sunpower
Battery 20kg of lithium-ion Panasonic cells
Motor High efficiency Marand in-wheel electric motor
Tires Bridgestone ECOPIA OLogic, specially developed for use in solar vehicles
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